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He does more than helping you sell/ buy houses.

He has extensive knowledge of MCM and that's his passion. Every step of the way he was very helpful. Occasionally we got out bid and didn't get an offer and discouraged, he was there to encourage and motivate us. We highly recommend Lou.

Nick Pianetto

Lou got me in touch with various resources that I might want to use during the sale of my townhouse.

I met with stagers, movers, lawyers and made my decisions on what I wanted and needed. He also placed the information about my house with all the housing websites such as MLS, Trulia, Zillow Realtor.com as well as his own company,Baird & Warner. He had a professional photographer take photos of my home and we picked what we thought were the best among those to include in an informational and professional looking brochure to be handed out. He planned two different open houses for Realtors and the public. I was advised each week with how many people had looked at my house on his website. He suggested some changes if I wanted to enhance the probability of a larger audience for my home. Signs were made and framed to point out special feature and placed nearby. He was always available and quickly let me know if there had been a request to view the home and if it was convenient for me. He would then confirm the viewing with the prospective buyers Realtor.

Gloria Jean

Lou was recommended by folks we met who had already escaped to TN.

Because of Covid; the economy; personal health issues; and "it's IL," this was a two year process. Lou was always available [except when driving] and his explanations were both patient and helpful, especially when we received low ball offers. After the movers soiled the rugs and we awaited a settlement from the moving company to clean them, Lou stepped in, hired a rug cleaner and oversaw the work - all in our absence. Also, after we had already escaped IL, Lou visited the house every two weeks to check on its condition, especially following showings by less than competent realtors and their uncaring clients[unlocked doors, lights, etc.]. At his suggestion, we left the router in place and connected the garage door, the thermostat and a sump room moisture detector to our phone so we could monitor some critical functions independently. This was especially helpful as we did not want to maintain a 'comfortable' temperature throughout the winter. His communications following our acceptance of an offer were timely, sometimes accompanied by photos and, in one case he communicated via facetime so I could see for myself what the buyers questioned. For closing, he handled the City's ridiculous 3 hour window for paying the final water bill in situ, allowing us to leave a day early.


My wife and I had not been involved in any type of real estate transaction in over 20 years so when it came time to sell my parents home we not only had the stress of not being familiar with the "process" involved in selling a home but for me, the emotional stress of selling my parents home, the home I grew up in; in stepped Lou Zucaro.

Lou was extremely patient and informative throughout the process, when we were faced with a few "challenges" during the closing Lou thoroughly explained the options and helped us overcome the challenge. An example was having to address the issue of radon. Never in my life have I had to deal with radon and Lou helped my wife and I through the remediation process, providing recommendations for companies, and helping accelerate the remediation so that we could complete the closing as scheduled. I can't imagine having gone through the sale of my parents home without Lou's help. If ever my wife and I need a Realtor, there is no needing to decide who to choose, it will be Lou.

Matthew Wings

Lou Zucaro was a delight to work with from beginning to end.

His presentation before we hired him was thorough and let us know exactly what to expect from him and from the home selling process. Because we were selling an newly inherited home, he guided us -- correctly, we are certain -- to offering it for sale "as is," and helped us determine what small items we would fix before going on the market. Lou's interest and timely communication, his experience and professionalism, helped us feel confident each step of the way. The house sold fast to buyers who are extremely enthusiastic about it's possibilities. We are so glad we connected with Lou who helped us connect with them.

John Podulka

We had chosen to work with Lou to sell our home after a extensive interview process – it was the right decision.

  Selling a house is a process that requires both art and science.  Lou was able to successfully deploy the latest technology to showcase our special home.  It also requires in depth market knowledge and regional expertise, Lou excelled.    Lou also brought a level of trust  and a no-drama attitude to what could often be a stressful situation.  Selling your home, often your largest asset, is important to get right the first time to market.  Lou did all things right for us to result in a successful transaction.   Lou has domain expertise and strong personal interest that is  so important when selling a Modern/MCM home.  Lou was honest, straightforward and successful in selling our home – it was an easy process for us.

Dave Eggert

Lou was awesome from beginning to end!

Lou listened to us and understood our needs. He gave us space when we needed it, and did everything he possibly could to resolve problems when they came up.

Jane & David S.

Lou was a pleasure to work with.

He is knowledgeable about the market and understood the advantages my home had to offer a buyer. He did a great job marketing my home and started before we even had the listing go online. His advice and guidance during the time I was preparing my home for the market and during the selling and closing process was invaluable. Lou is an amiable individual and working together with him was an enjoyable experience.

Sarah Luethi

We had the privilege of working with Lou Zucaro as our realtor when looking to purchase our home in McHenry County.

Along with helping us find our dream home, he also provided us with a vast amount of knowledge and information to successfully place our town home for rent. Lou possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent broker. He knows the market extremely well and tirelessly supported us through the entire process. Lou makes home buying, from start to finish, feel effortless. He has a built in network of people, just as great as he is, to draw upon for any additional assistance during the entire home buying adventure. We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise and hard work in helping find our home in Algonquin. We love our home, the neighborhood and the community! We would recommend your services to anyone.

Melissa & Paul B.

Lou was extremely professional at all times.

He went into great detail to explain how he came up with his market research to develop a recommended selling price for our Mid Century Modern home. He's very knowledgeable about our style of home which was a great advantage in selling it to prospective buyers. He was very responsive in answering our questions either via phone on via e-mail. Would highly recommend Lou to anyone selling their home.

Bob & Melodee Russow

Lou was wonderfully helpful in these trying times.

We were lucky to have found someone who knows the market and knows how to represent unique homes. We would highly recommend Lou to both buyers and sellers who can be assured of working with an experienced professional. Joe and Laura

Joe and Laura Kritie

I have worked with many realtors over the past 20 years, as a real estate investor and a homeowner.

Lou is the best by far. He has a passion for architecture and goes the extra distance to find you a home you will love.

Evan Voboril

When our family decided to move to Chicago, we had concerns that we would not be able to find a home that met our design sensibility and budget.

 We were so lucky to have come across Lou’s website and posting for mid-century modern homes - we had found our realtor!  Lou found our absolute dream home.  The house was actually under contract when we found it but because he knew the listing agent and was persuasive, we were able to see the home and propose a back up offer.  The stars aligned and Lou helped us purchase our perfect mid-century modern forever home. Our entire lives have been leading up to this city and this house.  Lou helped make it happen. If you want a dedicated and passionate realtor who will be relentless in finding you your dream home, then Lou Zucaro is the broker for you.

Claudine & Giorgio

Lou was extremely helpful in our home search from the very beginning all the way up until the very end.

This was our first time buying a home so we had a lot of questions. I work in an industry where you're often answering a lot of questions for people who don't understand your industry at all. Lou nailed it. He never once made us feel dumb or that we were being sold something we didn't want. Lou knew exactly what we wanted and helped us find it right within our budget + timeline.

Adam Enger

From the outset and throughout the process, Lou made himself extremely available to us.

It was extremely gratifying to work with someone who genuinely appreciated the unique house we were selling and its many special features. (One reason we chose to work with Lou was his passion for modern architecture. We soon discovered another compelling reason: his clear love of what he does and full commitment to it.) As buyers, Lou never tired of our requests to see houses all over the place in style and location. He "got" our sense of urgency, had valuable input in all phases of the process, and demonstrated knowledge and creativity (e.g., of architecture, renovation, structural issues). He was warm, funny, and enthusiastic. We would recommend Lou to anyone who is considering buying or selling in the Chicago suburbs.

Richard Wasserman

Lou has always responded within a couple of hours if not immediately.

He is very knowledgeable and most helpful in every area that I ask about. I Will continue working with him and would definitely recommend him to others.


Lou is without question a 5-star realtor.

He touches all bases, with an excellent knowledge of mid-century design, excellent knowledge of what potential byers of mid-century modern homes are looking for, and excellent knowledge of what the market for these homes will bear. His marketing prowess is beyond reproach. He put together an excellent program of marketing our home for sale, including the production of an outstanding brochure, the publishing of a well-written and inviting magazine article, and the lining up of local television personality to bring our home to the attention of a wide local audience. We found Lou to be very approachable. He was able to answer all of our questions throughout the process.

Daniel and Elizabeth Mazan

Working with Lou was a pleasure.

He correctly researched what the selling price should be for my house so that when the buyers had an appraisal done it was right on the mark. He also arranged a cleaning service and stagers that were excellent. I enjoyed a quick sale with an excellent sale price.

Gloria Zucaro

Lou is the absolute best!

We reached out to him for help finding our MidCentury Modern dream house and six months later we closed on just that! Lou was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process: from looking at multiple houses, through putting in an offer and guiding us through the closing process. He was super attentive, responsive to questions and just a dang pleasure to be around in person. He is so knowledgeable on a such a wide range of topics, from real estate, design, and architecture to zoning laws and construction materials. And if he didn’t have an answer for us, he surely was prompt in figuring it out. This should be your guy, especially if MidCentury houses are your thing.

Cole Helmkamp

Lou was great to work with and knew how to focus our search.

He really listened to what we were looking for. He was very easy to reach and always responded promptly. He checked in with us on a regular basis and was great at communicating next steps. Despite looking for a house during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was still able to share the local culture and atmosphere so we were able to get a sense of each town/neighborhood we were in. We would highly recommend working with Lou!

Shelly Galasinski

Lou was a fantastic resource for us while finding a home in Lake County.

We looked for months as we learned about the area and he was familiar many of the North Shore communities with modern homes. He accommodated our schedule and always had well organized plans in place prior to showing. Lou is trustworthy, honest and hard working. We now consider him our friend.

Matt Faletti

Lou is incredible!

He is incredibly knowlegable and passionate about Mid Century Modern homes. I really did not know how I was going to sell this house as these houses are very different than many other homes. I ended up not even talking to any other realtor because it was clear to me that he was the right person. He grew up in the town I grew up in and knows people I know. He sold a home of a woman I grew up with and she gave him an outstanding reference. The experience working with him from start to finish was outstanding. He priced the home right and he guided me though the process in a way that I always felt comfortable about where we were. Even though he was only representing me he has a following and so knew some people to reach out to. He also got us an incredible write up in Crains and on the live housing discussion they do each week. That gave the house a lot of great press. He brought us a buyer that is passionate about the property. That was very important to us as this house has been in our family for 63 years. Although it is bittersweet to sell it it feels great to know that Lou brought us a family that have moved in and new life is in the house. Thanks Lou. I am more than happy to be a reference for you anytime. Great job. Thank you.

Virginia Johnson, As Independent Administrator

Lou Zucaro provided an excellent service and support in our process of buying the house in West Dundee.

My daughters and I are extremely happy with the purchase and are greatful to our fantastic real estate broker.

Danuta, Anna, Beata Kania

Lou is an excellent and has the experience to help sell any house.

Anders Stubkjaer

Lou listened very well and incorporated our story into the marketing plan.

The exposure was exemplary. The price was right. Lou is a professional and we will recommend.

Lee Peterson

It was a pleasure to work with Lou Zucaro during our home search and purchasing process.

He was extremely responsive and knowledgeable (without being pushy) and had a keen eye for design and architectural elements. He was patient when we needed time and happily showed us several properties until we found our match. Once the buying process kicked in, he constantly encouraged the process forward so we could close in a timely fashion. My wife and I would absolutely recommend Lou to anyone looking to buy a home in the Northern Chicago suburbs.

Jacob Butman

We first heard about Lou from a letter we received saying how much he loved our house and his association with the Modern Illinois organization.

After reading his letter and learning more about his love for mid-century architecture, we knew when the time came to put our house on the market, Lou would be our broker. Well that time came and Lou became our listing agent in June 2017. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Lou on both the sell and buy and we cannot say enough good things about him. His innovative sales methods, amazing personality and professionalism throughout our entire journey made it an absolute joy. Lou kept us well informed and always made it a point to be at the showings to ensure the potential buyer and their agent knew the history of the home and the uniqueness of the property. In addition, Lou was always available for our questions and concerns throughout the process and when it came to close the deal his negotiation skills were exceptional. We would highly recommend Lou to anyone out there who needs a realtor no matter what type of home they are looking to buy or sell.

Jim Muszynsk & Harry Cicchetti

To say that I feel that Lou is the best Realtor I have worked with would be an understatement.

I have had two transactions with Lou, we bought and then sold a house in Bartlett with Lou's help. His support and attention to detail were exemplary. We had a difficult time getting the sale of the house to stick with many deposits. He stuck with us for over a year and continued to allow and support access and showings of the house as well as the multiple contractors we hired to fix code and or renovation problems. His efforts went above and beyond what I would expect for a Realtor. He also happens to be a great person as well!

Paul Kuchay

Lou is the absolute best!

We reached out to him for help finding our MidCentury Modern dream house and six months later we closed on just that! Lou was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process: from looking at multiple houses, through putting in an offer and guiding us through the closing process. He was super attentive, responsive to questions and just a dang pleasure to be around in person. He is so knowledgeable on a such a wide range of topics, from real estate, design, and architecture to zoning laws and construction materials. And if he didn’t have an answer for us, he surely was prompt in figuring it out. This should be your guy, especially if MidCentury houses are your thing.

Cole Helmkamp

We feel very fortunate to have Lou as our real estate agent as first time home buyers!

We managed to purchase a home that checked all our boxes while living out of state in a very difficult market. Lou was very responsive and made a point to get to viewings asap whenever there was a home we were interested in. We greatly appreciated his honest feedback and commitment to ensure we never put an offer on a home he knew we wouldn't love. If you're looking for an agent who genuinely cares about his clients, Lou is your guy!

Taylor Park


You were the perfect person to sell our family home. Your appreciation and knowledge was sincere and always beyond helpful. When you are selling a special home you need a special person to take good care and to pass that information on. The nuts and bolts of information ranging from stove top knobs to 50 year old plumbing was a godsend. We truly enjoyed you spirit and the excellent job you did. So many thanks!!

Starr Hagenbring

Lou was great to work with.

We were in a competitive bidding situation on an incredible mid-century gem. His encyclopedic knowledge of mid-century architects and architecture and deep local experience were critical to getting our offer accepted. Vintage / architectural home sales can be more complex than average, and he was able to steer us through the entire process. He always made time to go out to the property whenever we needed it, and went above and beyond with communication. Plus he's just fun to geek out on architecture with.

Danielle Swank

Lou exemplifies a real estate agent - personable, knowledgeable & professional!

Lee & Rick A.

Lou is not only a fantastic agent but he is a truly genuine human being.

Every step of the way he cared about the process. Lou was attentive and responsive, going the extra mile to make sure everything looked impeccable. This was my first time selling a home and I am so grateful I chose Lou and Baird and Warner.

Laura Kamptner

My husband and I recently had to move to the North Chicago area from Atlanta, GA and were looking for a Mid-Century Modern or Contemporary design dream home.

We were so fortunate to find Lou Zucaro from an online search and were thrilled to find someone specializing in MCM and modern design. Lou was so communicative, helpful and thorough in his dealings with us prior to our house-hunting visit to the North Chicago area. He took the time to understand our wish list for our dream home, and he used that information to find additional listings we might want to see and to put together a schedule for us to view homes. It was so easy working with him remotely, which was so comforting to us being so far away. When we finally got to meet Lou in person, he could not have been more personable and professional. He is very driven by his passion for modern design, and his enthusiasm is truly contagious. House hunting with Lou was not only productive in terms of finding us the perfect home but was also informative and actually a lot of fun! Lou is so knowledgeable about MCM homes that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed picking his brain and learning more about the architects in the area. Lou helped us find the perfect home, in the perfect location, and we are so grateful for his expertise and guidance! There was a lot to navigate with the purchase of the home, which was not easy to do remotely from Georgia. Lou bent over backwards to act as our proxy, overseeing home inspections, making recommendations for legal counsel, and coordinating vendors to give quotes for work needed on the home. He gave us solid advice every step of the way, and we knew he had our best interest at heart. We are so thankful to have had the fortune to work with Lou, and we couldn't be happier in our new dream home. Even now, weeks after the close on our new home, Lou is still checking in on us to make sure we're settled in and don't have any further questions. Truly superb customer service. We could not recommend Lou more highly.

Sean Mcdonald

Thank you for understanding how much the landscape surrounding a house and the country feeling is important to me.

Your help in determining what layout might be most convenient and practical on a day to day basis was thoughtful and understandable. I enjoyed your sense of humor and your knowledge of various real estate procedures. Thanks so much for your attention to my needs and wishes. I /we found the perfect property!

Gloria Zucaro
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